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Lab - Translational Geroscience Laboratory

Welcome to the Translational GeroScience Laboratory!

We are  glad to have your interest in our ongoing clinical studies in the Translational Geroscience Laboratory at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center! The ultimate goal of our Lab is to improve health and life span of Oklahomans. 

Our ongoing clinical studies are funded by multiple agencies, including the National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association, Presbyterian Health Foundation, Oklahoma Center for Advancemenet of Science and Technology (OCAST), Oklahoma Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (OCTSI), and by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

Our clinial studies span across all the campuses and centers of the University of Oklahoma, including OU-Norman, OU-Tulsa, OUHSC, Stephenson Cancer Center, Harold Hamm Diabetec Center, Dean McGee Eye Institute, Center for Geroscience and Health Brain Aging, Center for Neuroscience, as well as other prominent Universities across the US, uncluding University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, and many other. Our projects involve a number of outstanding researchers and physicians from across the Nation. 

Find more about our ongoing studies:


The effect of Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) on brain health and memory.

Daily consumption of a form of Vitamin B, called Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), energizes the body and can combat cellular aging.


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Does COVID-19 worsen cognitive health and memory?

Complete an MRI exam, answer questionnnaires about yourself, give a blood sample, and have the blood flow in your hands, arms, and brain measured.


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Does intermittent fasting improve brain health and memory?

Maintain an intermittent fasting regimen of 14 hours each day for six months (10 h of eating followed by 14 h of fasting)


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Blood flow and brain health

Does urolithin A improve blood flow and brain health?

Take urolithin A as a dietary supplement or placebo twice daily for 4 weeks and to help us find out!


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